Steady progress

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Marketing techniques are more successful when done with an iterative mindset. Setting it up and putting things on auto-pilot may work in the short term, but business is all about "the long game".

Try a bunch of things and iterate over and over. The key is to track them well, but don't overdo it. Keep the winners and drop the losers. There is no magic bullet —Things either work or they don't. 

And, just when they seem to work, they will eventually stop working and require you to innovate via even more iteration. 

You don't need to figure out why something doesn't work. That's a waste. Focus on what is working...Iterate until it isn't keep all of the positives and stack them together to build out a working marketing system that works for your business.

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Hi, I am Bryan Glanz. I'm a self-taught programmer with a penchant for Digital Marketing and Data Analytics.

I have worked with Fortune 500 companies, to SMB's, Non-profits and everything in between. I just like a good challenge...