PPC Management

Pay Per Click marketing have you feel like you're burning cash?

Before meeting with me, Most of my clients signed up for their AdWords account, used up their marketing budget, and then...nothing happens. The phone doesn't ring, their profits don't increase, and then, they give up.

I help clients with their PPC Marketing. Whether that is performing an audit and suggesting a plan of action or managing the entire process — I provide insight and iterate for results.

Stop the frustration of PPC stealing away your marketing dollars.

The foundation of Pay Per Click Marketing is a science and getting great results is an art form. 

We will improve your return on investment by applying the world-class techniques that are required to deliver results from Google AdWords.

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About Bryan Glanz

Hi, I am Bryan Glanz. I'm a self-taught programmer with a penchant for Digital Marketing and Data Analytics.

I have worked with Fortune 500 companies, to SMB's, Non-profits and everything in between. I just like a good challenge...