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  • We are "wasting" money on Pay Per Click Advertising.
  • Our competition is winning on Google. We give up.
  • SEO is something we've done and we've been burned.
  • Our sales are stagnant and we fear that they will start to decline any moment.
  • We need the right partner to do our SEO, Analytics, or PPC work.


If you are serious about improving your online business using online advertising or SEO — Then we'd love to help.

Time is the most valuable asset, so please only request a consultation if you are committed to massive change for your business. 

Please note: The success of a consultant arrangement is drastically increased if I am able to interface directly with the decision maker at your company. 

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Bryan Glanz

About Bryan Glanz

Hi, I am Bryan Glanz. I'm a self-taught programmer with a penchant for Digital Marketing and Data Analytics.

I have worked with Fortune 1000 companies, to SMB's, Non-profits and everything in between. I just like a good challenge.

I have an intentional work ethic and a track record of improving businesses that I work with.

“Bryan’s knowledge for search engine optimization and marketing has been invaluable to our core business. ”
Jonathan D. , Iltucher Media Group
“Bryan seems to have endless knowledge of the latest trends and best practices for Google Analytics and PPC advertising.  ”
Richard Hendricks , ARH Sales LTD.