Marketing techniques are more successful when done with an iterative mindset. Setting it up and putting things on auto-pilot may work in the short term, but business is all about “the long game”. Try a bunch of things and iterate over… Read More
This article is more of a Public Service Announcement for people just starting to play around in PPC. Bird’s Eye View: Understand what negative keywords are, add them to your PPC account and add to the list regularly.  Create PPC Audit Land… Read More
Google Analytics or any analytics for that matter can be super powerful. Unfortunately, most people view these reports or dashboards as nothing more than reports. Boring reports, that once they are sent off to the marketing or salesperson — they ar… Read More
I feel that remarketing started as a complimentary tactic that quickly grew into a marketing “must-do” for businesses looking to compete online. What is it? How does it work and how does it compare with other forms of advertising?  The… Read More


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